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package bees in ohio pick up and shipping dates 3# & 4# package bees 4 frame nucs available. all come with the italian queen inew hive with package bees also available russian queen, marking and clipping.

Hybrids vs. Pure (certified) Russians: As with any strain of honey bee, Russians will interbreed with other strains of honey bees, which results in hybrids that have the characteristics of both strains.

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Foley’s Russian Bees Russian Nucs, Russian Queens, and Package Bee Sales. Located in Des Moines, Iowa. Foley’s Russian Bees sells Russian Nucs, Russian Mated Queens, 3lb Carniolan Packages begining in January of each year

Breeders of Italian Honeybees, Package Bees, and Queens

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“The primary purpose of the corporation will be to maintain and improve the genetic lines of Russian honey bees through propagation and selective breeding.”

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Quality Queen bees! Russian, Cordovan, Italian, Carniolan and Minnesota Hygienic! Breeder Queens, Instrumentally Inseminated Queen bees…

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Extra, Extra, Read All About It! We want to let you know that we will NO LONGER offer the FREE service of marking our Russian honey bee queens. Industry standard is to charge for this service, but all of these years we’ve done it freely out of the goodness of our hearts until the 2016 season when we caught all kinds of flak from one customer

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Russian Queen bee breeders queen bee, Nuc and honey sales

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The Russian honeybee refers to honey bees (Apis mellifera) that originate in the Primorsky Krai region of Russia. This strain of bee was imported into the United States in 1997 by the USDA’s Honeybee Breeding, Genetics & Physiology Laboratory in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in response to severe declines in bee populations caused by …

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