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Some people got medals and some people did not; mostly everyone stepped it up for the individual events and in my new role as figure ing fashion critic, I am thrilled.

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GANGNEUNG, South Korea — Often, the names of retired legends lurk in the background of sporting events, alongside the word “since,” as in, “No man had repeated as figure ing gold medalist since Dick Button in 1952.” Less often, that legend sits at home and live-tweets the event for the

Vera Wang is known for designing lavish red carpet gowns and brides’ dream wedding dresses, so she knows a little something about making a major impact on an important day. And nothing she does crystallizes that skill more than her work creating the eye-catching costumes worn by figure ing’s

Don’t let the ornate costumes and beautiful choreography fool you, figure ers are no strangers to scandal. Here are nine notable ones. Pascal Rondeau, ALLSPORT/Getty Images In 1994, a little club-and-run thrust the sport of figure ing into the spotlight. The assault on reigning national

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The ISU Judging System (or the International Judging System (IJS)), occasionally referred to as the Code of Points (COP) system, is the scoring system currently used to judge the figure ing disciplines of men’s and ladies’ singles, pair ing, ice dance, and synchronized ing.

Figure ing – ing categories: Freestyle combines intricate footwork, spirals (sustained one-foot glides on a single edge), spins, and jumps. Footwork includes step maneuvers that are performed the length of the ice or in a circle and done in sequences demonstrating agility, dexterity, and speed.

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Nathan Chen, the 18-year-old known as the Quad King, could become the first U.S. man to win a figure ing medal since the 2010 Olympics

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Continued discussion of the ing season as well as Javi’s ass and bulge.

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Competitive Figure ing FAQ: Rules and Regulations This article is part of the FAQ list for (amateur) competitive figure ing. This section covers rules governing the sport of figure ing.

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Q: What is figure ing? Arguably the marque sport at the Winter Olympics, figure ing needs little introduction. With grace, grit and often controversy, athletes e, jump and spin into millions of homes around the world. American Jackson Haines is considered the man of modern figure