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The British Empire and the First World War: the colonial experience Issue: 152

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A tirailleur (French: ), in the Napoleonic era, was a type of light infantry trained to skirmish ahead of the main columns. Subsequently tirailleurs was used by the French Army as a designation for infantry recruited in the French colonial territories during the 19th and 20th centuries, or for metropolitan units serving in a light infantry role.

THE SPANISH COLONIAL UNIFORM RESEARCH PROJECT. An ongoing study of the uniforms and equipment of the Army of Spain during the late colonial period and the Spanish American War

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Welcome to my 20mm (1/72) colonial and late 19th Century painting blog. I don’t know why but I love reanimating and customising 1/72 plastic & metal figures.

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We are returning from war! The Crisis and tens of thousands of black men were drafted into a great struggle. For bleeding France and what she means and has meant and will mean to us and humanity and against the threat of German race arrogance, we fought gladly and to the last drop of blood; for America and her highest ideals, we fought in far

Until Australia became a Federation in 1901, each of the six colonial governments was responsible for the defence of their own colony.From 1788 until 1870 this was done with British regular forces.

Revolutionary War Uniforms The Continental Army. On June 17, 1775, a New England colonial army was defending Bunker Hill and adjoining Breed’s Hill against an attacking British force seeking to break the Americans siege of Boston.

News: 1/32 7YW Austrians sizing prototypes.. ACW marching set opinion question.. 1/72 Painted Colonial Wagon prototypes. Plus poll and opinion question.

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Who was who? The colonists living in the British North American colonies who rebelled against the authority of the crown were known as patriots, revolutionaries, continentals, colonials, rebels, Yankees, or Whigs.

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