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Biblical latin definition, the form of Latin used in the translation of the Bible and that became current in western Europe at the beginning of the Middle Ages. See more.

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Etymology. The English word Bible is from the Latin biblia, from the same word in Medieval Latin and Late Latin and ultimately from Koinē Greek: τὰ βιβλία, translit.

Features. This is a list of books and other resources at sacred-texts related to the Bible, Apocrypha, and Biblical scholarship. Easton’s Bible Dictionary

Rapture is Biblical. Rapture is from God. It is part of God’s plan of saving humanity. ‘the word rapture comes from the word ‘rapturo’, ‘harpazo’ meaning to seize upon by force, to snatch upon by force or caught up.‘Rapturo’, ‘harpazo’, ‘caught …

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College without Compromise. The College of Biblical Studies applauds home college families for their years of dedication and hard work to among the noblest of causes.

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PONTIFICAL BIBLICAL COMMISSION . Documents issued by the Commission. Note: The documents of the Pontifical Biblical Commission …

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This collection of biblical teen names brings together names from the Bible or names derived from biblical words, including the origin and meaning.

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A biblical manuscript is any handwritten copy of a portion of the text of the Bible.The word Bible comes from the Greek biblia (books); manuscript comes from Latin manu (hand) and scriptum (written).

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